Saturday December 16, 2017 |
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Best Events
Since 1993, our company has been organizing events large and small under our Best of Budapest brand. Now we are creating a new division, Best Events, to put a focus on the expertise we have amassed during the years to benefit your organization.

Our list of references include more intimate functions (30 guests) to larger events (150-200 guests). Thematic dinners, family brunches, partner meetings, wine tastings, grand opening parties are some of the events we have produced. Our best known event is the annual Best of Budapest Award Gala. At this event the city’s best restaurants, hotels and other service providers of the previous year are awarded a service regognition plaque in the company of nearly 700 guests. This gala has now been organized for 17 years and is one of the most exclusive events of the city, where guests and professionals have the chance to meet the gastronomic novelties of the capital’s top restaurants and enjoy a full evening of entertainment.

We would be pleased to provide you an offer of our services tailored to your requirements.
- corporate event on an external location
- corporate event in your own office
- one or more day long professional conference
- smaller or larger family event: birthday party, christening party, wedding
- may it be in your own home or garden, in a luxury hotel or anywhere outdoors
- thematic events: Christmas dinners, family days, or partner meetings.

As the holiday season and year end are fast approaching we hope we can meet you soon to provide ideas and offer to your liking.

More about our company: Budapest Week Publishing plays a decisive role in the publication of quality magazines and books on the Hungarian market since 1991. Our flagship products include the well established economic and cultural magazine Diplomacy and Trade, and the hotel and restaurant guide Best of Budapest. Both publications and the related websites have been serving the readers’ needs for many years now.
The palette is complemented by the online version of the high quality Hungarian-language gastronomy magazine,