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The Banksy Exhibition Comes to Budapest

27 March 2024

‘The World of Banksy – The Street is my Canvas’ exhibition will bring over a hundred of Banksy's works to Budapest from May 3 at the Komplex Exhibition Hall on Király Street. The exhibition of the world's most famous invisible graffiti artist arrives in Hungary after Barcelona, Paris, Milan, Prague, Brussels, Lisbon and Dubai, and continues its journey to Venice, Naples and New York.

    With over two million visitors so far, the exhibition will showcase over a hundred of Banksy's works, providing a comprehensive insight into the exceptional artist's entire oeuvre to date.

    Banksy is known for his work in public spaces, using a distinctive stenciled technique and reflecting on current political and social situations. But few people know that the anonymous artist has worked on canvas and other materials, fabric, aluminum, forex and plexiglass in a career spanning more than 20 years, has painted live animals for an exhibition and has also directed films.

    The exhibition includes graffiti, photographs, video installations, prints, unique pieces that have been reproduced and collected especially for this exhibition.

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