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Best of Budapest Measure of Quality

Best of Budapest & Hungary

Measure of Quality

The Measure of Quality

What is this award?

Already in its 27th year, ‘Best of Budapest & Hungary’ is an independent quality assurance system created by Budapest Week Publishing for the purpose of guiding our readership to find the best possible experiences in gastronomy, hospitality and touristic services. Establishments proudly display their awards in their premises to identify themselves as a quality minded company.

How do we choose the best?

Based on an online voting system and the strict testing of our editorial team the ‘Best of Budapest & Hungary’ title is awarded in some 40 categories every year. This award encourages both those who received the award and even those who did not to provide an even higher level of product and services. We provide the award-winning service providers with a certificate that they can hang on the wall of their venue, as well as a self-adhesive logo that can be placed on glass so that customers may see the classification from far away. Look for the seal of approval and be assured.

Best of Budapest & Hungary awardees

This year, based on more than 15,000 votes, the Best of Budapest & Hungary prize were awarded in 45 categories to 353 service providers - including the category winners, who have received special 'Best in Class' awards. For the full list of the awardees, click here.

Online voting

We look forward to your comments and participations in the voting next year, starting in January, 2021. To cast your vote, click here.


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