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Winestone restaurant opens in Budapest

05 August 2019

A newcomer to Budapest's gastro scene, Winestone Korona is the 16th restaurant to open under the Winestone brand, at Mercure Budapest Korona hotel, featuring a spacious 250 m2 interior, complete with a 150 m2 terrace, plus a wine store.

Winestone is a culinary concept that combines a selection of wines made with regional expertise (wine) and typical dishes served on stone boards (stone). As well as a vast selection of tapas, the menu also offers hot dishes, salads, and desserts. Inspired by the gastronomic delights of each of its regions, the menu has been designed to offer diners a journey of epicurean proportions, prepared by Executive Chef József Gran. As for the wine, the selection is from all over the world. What's more, the open kitchen gives each restaurant a warm atmosphere and welcoming ambiance. In Budapest, the menu is is distinctly different to other Winestone restaurants. Why? "It's purely a commercial decision. We believe that almost half of our guests will come from Hungary and they appreciate more local specialties, such as Hungarian beef or Mangalica ham. Free range chicken, duck, and trout are also key products here. As for the wine selection, 80% comes from Hungary where wine culture is a national heritage and Hungarians are very proud of it," Daniel Erdel, Manager of Winestone Korona reveals.

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