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The new nine – Classic and creative bar menu at Kempinski

16 September 2022

The press presentation of the new signature cocktail menu of Blue Fox The Bar took place on 13 September 2022. Blue Fox, which belongs to the elite of the domestic bar world and is increasingly recognised internationally, welcomes guests with a new exciting and contemporary concept after the pandemic.

The team at Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest’s bar is now managed by manager Ádám Szabó, who, together with his colleagues, created next year’s nine Blue Fox cocktail specialities. Instead of the previously typical extra visuals and presentation-focused serving, minimalist cocktails focusing mainly on flavours have come to the fore. World trends also clearly show the importance of a more thoughtful choice of ingredients, responsible use and as little waste as possible. The zero-waste principles are also reflected in the concept of the new cocktail menu, and the goal of the bar team was to be able to utilise the fruit and vegetable ingredients used in the drinks almost completely.
However, this encouraged the professionals to be even more creative, and thanks to Ádám and the team’s creative work, nine new, truly unique, elegant cocktails were added to the bar menu. Among them are well-known classics such as the Negroni, Naked and Famous or the innovative version of the Bloody Mary based on the idea of the Blue Fox The Bar team. Gastronomy also strongly inspired the signature drinks. The most modern kitchen technologies are also needed to prepare a Naked and Famous, for example, and the Popcorn Sour’s popcorn syrup was inspired by the recipe of the world-famous Noma restaurant. Of course, thanks to the ÉS Bisztró team, you can choose bar dishes for these drinks that perfectly match the concept in terms of styles and flavours.

In addition to the signature drinks, you can still find the classic favourites both in terms of cocktails and spirits. Real rarities and super-exclusive items are also on offer, but quality brandies are also increasingly in demand, not only among guests from abroad. During the period of the pandemic – when it was possible to stay open – the interest of domestic drink fans also increased. More and more Hungarian regulars are coming to the cocktail bar at Kempinski, which has a separate entrance from Erzsébet tér. From Thursday to Saturday, there is live music, or a DJ also plays, and you can enjoy the evenings in a stylish bar atmosphere by sitting at the counter or at the tables.

Cocktail descriptions

When all the ingredients of a cocktail have a perfect arrangement with each other, you end up with this tropical freshener. The bitterness of the Aperol, which was cold-macerated with creamy rooibos tea, perfectly complements the sour notes of the passion fruit and the citrus and the sweetness of the vanilla.

Bloody Mary
As simple as it is, we believe that this is one of the most complex and variable drinks on every cocktail book. Everybody has their favourite version, or special ingredient. We combine the Hungarian vibes of garlic and pepper with the South American chipotle, Spanish olives and spices from all around the world to create this spicy cosmopolitan.

Coffee negroni
Italy is famous for many, many things, but for us bartenders and cocktail lovers, the two most important are coffee and negroni. When the perfectly balanced cold-brew coffee liqueur meets the bitterness of Campari, the sweetness of Antica Formula and the botanicals of the gin, you end up with the perfect aperitif for coffee lovers.

Dill with it
Our approach for the fans of cucumber martini, a drink which has all the ingredients people appreciate, with a hint of the beloved, refreshing dill, and tomato water – just to make it perfectly interesting for a beautiful summer night, if you can deal with it.

Go bananas
We thought about the summer, and a mad idea came from nowhere. What if we combined the understandable flavours of a banana daiquiri with a touch of Asia? Don’t judge by the first impression. The pineapple rum, the homemade banana syrup, citrus and miso paste are still a perfect match for every cocktail enthusiast. And you don’t need to go bananas to try it.

Mr. White
A new twist of flavours which would knock even the Big Lebowski off his feet. Vodka is still vodka, but the coffee part is a cold-brew coffee liqueur with a hint of Chambord, which we crown with a creamy Chambord foam to make it even more appealing, not only for the bowlers, but for everyone who is ready for this renewed classic.

Naked and famous
The best introduction to mezcal. The creamy rooibos-infused Aperol, the herbal Chartreuse, the smokiness of mezcal and citrus. This classic, which never goes out of fashion, is justly famous and still naked. We just introduced some rooibos tea to make it ever more the cocktail which leads you to the way of appreciating mezcal and, more importantly, the good old classics.
No Thyme to die
A drink that even Vesper Lynd would appreciate during a warm day. Not as strong in alcohol as the martini created for her, yet refined for the highest standards. A well-balanced long drink based on Lillet Blanc, with a sour touch of bergamot, the sweetness of vanilla, the bitterness of cherry and a hint of thyme. This cocktail is as much the best company for a night out as Mr Bond would be.

Popcorn Sour
Cinemas and bars are in some way very similar: you pay money to experience something on a higher level than you could achieve at home. With this lovely whisky sour twist, you get a lovely sense of déjà vu. The perfect balance of the corn and rye whisky, with the mellow popcorn syrup and vibrant citrus, makes this sour the best reminder of what’s best in cocktails, the taste of something different, something extraordinary, yet something familiar.

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