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Let’s celebrate spring again with the Egri Csillag Week

01 March 2023

The thematic Egri Star Week was launched last year and this year, between 9-16 March, the focus will once again be on the white counterpart of Egri Bikavér. Across the country, restaurants, wine bars, wine shops and Eger wineries will organise events, offer Egri Csillag wines with spring dishes and create unique wine packages.

Egri Csillag is called the wine of spring because of its freshness and bright, fruity aromas. The complex aromas and flavours, the result of careful blending, often display floral notes which invoke the season. In addition, new vintages of the best-known representative of this category of wine, Egri Csillag classicus bottlings are being released during this period.
That is why, to bid farewell to winter and welcome the new season, Eger's winemakers are once again inviting wine lovers to open a bottle at home, go to a wine bar for a tasting or ask for an Egri Csillag at one of the restaurants participating in the programme.

Egri Csillag, like other protected wines of Eger, can be produced in three categories: classicus, superior and grand superior. While classicus wines are about freshness, lightness and juiciness, superior wines show more concentration and weight and are aged for a longer period of time, while grand superior wines represent the highest category and are all single vineyard wines where the constituent lots of the blend must all come from the same plot.  

The best known are undoubtedly the classicus wines, and if you choose one of them at the Egri Csillag Week, it is worth tasting the fresh 2022 vintage. The wine can be served with traditional wine snacks such as gomolya, scones or modern ones such as vegetable crisps or pesto stangli. But it is also worth tasting with genuine spring dishes, such as fresh vegetables, a light fish or poultry dish, or a salad full of fresh flavours.

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