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Be a fan at the most-awaited watersport event!

17 July 2017

Between July 14th and 30th, increase your cheering enjoyment with a big screen, BBQ dinner, cooling spritzer or lemonade and the best home-made ice cream.

  If you didn't get a ticket or just want to cheer with BBQ, ice cold spritzers or lemonades, then you should come around, because they have everything that a sports' lover needs for a good evening on the big screen.

If you pay with Mastercard® or Maestro® card at Terasz Budapest’s Fan Headquarters you will get the third spritzer or beer as a gift, or if you choose 2 courses from the menu and use your Mastercard® or Maestro® card, you will receive a 10% discount. Everyone using their Mastercard® or Maestro® cards will also get a scoop of ice cream as a gift! 


Terasz Budapest Fan Headquarters- Budapest, 4 Marciús 15. Square

Reservations: +36 70 342 9781



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