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VIRTU Restaurant opened with an unparalleled panorama, 120 metres above the Danube

22 November 2023

VIRTU Restaurant opened on 22 November on top of the country's tallest building. Located on the 28th floor of the MOL Campus, this top gastronomic spot not only takes the location and appearance to the highest level, but also offers the best of domestic and regional cuisine in excellent quality.

    The 150-seat fine service restaurant can be accessed by a scenic lift from the MOL Campus Visitor Center or from a separate entrance on the ground floor. VIRTU Restaurant offers a number of services: you can admire the unparalleled panorama from behind a huge glass wall in a lounge area while enjoying coffee, refreshments and cakes. You can sit at the monumental blue-green marble bar overlooking the city and sip on a cool cocktail. The à la carte lunch and dinner showcase regional gastronomic culture in an elegant yet understandable way, featuring real crowd-pleasers. The restaurant area is made up of an open dining area and several separate dining areas. Ideal location for family or corporate celebrations. From 6-8 people up to 150, the VIRTU team can customise and highly personalise spaces and food and drink offerings.

    VIRTU Restaurant welcomes returning customers as regulars, and aims to provide them with the same high standards of service as English private clubs in a dedicated interior.

    The gastronomic concept and ambition is an ideal vision of the future of Hungarian cuisine and hospitality, where the potential of Hungary and the region is present in all its elements. Highlights include a menu of classic flavours, a wide selection of wines, respect for the culture of the surrounding countries, elegance and an inspiring fine-service concept.

    The kitchen of VIRTU Restaurant is run by 26-year-old Levente Lendvai, who came to the top of the MOL Campus tower from Arany Kaviár restaurant:

    "We give what we own and what we love, at a level that makes us attractive.  We showcase the regional flavours and dishes of Central and Eastern Europe, including Austria, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Romania and Croatia. Great ingredients and excellent food characterise this region. The trend of using local ingredients and bringing everything from 50 kilometres away has been extended a bit and we are thinking about typical dishes of the region, which could be Wiener schnitzel, Grenadiermarsch, smarni, Kaiserschmarrn or cabbage soup. The latter, for example, can be found everywhere in the region, with slight variations. Of course, we will also show the great wild animals of our forests, interpreted by different cultures. No restaurant has ever opened on the 28th floor in Budapest - a view that defines many things and sets high expectations for us. This is not a fine dining restaurant, we like our guests to be able to immerse themselves in our à la carte menu at their own pace, and we have an experience for all ages. We are as open and diverse as the city below us. I can promise you, however, that we offer an exceptionally elegant service. The food certainly reflects this sophistication in its execution and presentation" - says the young chef of his plans.

    "What we offer is a taste of home and love that brings a little warmth into our lives. I've had a lot of ideas over the years, and I feel that I can bring them to life in this place. We have found each other, the VIRTU concept, my past work and the whole team, which for me is magical. There's no expectation to match the gastro trend in Budapest - would it be brave to say that we'd rather shape it?"

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