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Authentic Lebanese Restaurant Awaits Guests with a Wonderful View to the Castle and the Danube

07 May 2021

During our delicious Lebanese dinner, we can enjoy an amazing view to the Danube and the Castle. While the view itself is familiar from the InterContinental Hotel Budapest, the gastronomic experience in ARZ Lebanese Restaurant is definitely new to the city. Not just because of the authentic Lebanese flavors, but also because of the special kind of social event that dining together in the Lebanese culture brings - now being offered by the newly opened ARZ Lebanese Restaurant in Budapest.

Yahya Khadro, the executive chef is passionate about the fresh, healthy and traditional Lebanese dishes. He highlights the aromatic cinnamon, cumin and thyme, while for roasting meat, he prefers to use green herbs, garlic and refreshing lime.  As he says: "We have a dream about creating a truly unique place where guests can try Lebanese specialties in InterContinental Hotel Budapest, with its breathtaking ambience, and a view to the sparkling city."

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