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The phoenix has risen from its ashes: the Continental Hotel Budapest is back in the Budapest hotel competition.

19 July 2021

On July 15, 2021, as a result of the slowing down of the coronavirus epidemic, the Hungarian tourism quality award-winning Continental Hotel Budapest reopened its iconic copper revolving door in the heart of Erzsébetváros, Dohány Street.

The only operating member of Mazen Al Ramahi’s Zeina Hotels chain, the high occupancy of the downtown Prestige Hotel Budapest****Superior made it possible to reopen the Continental Hotel Budapest****Superior. According to forecasts, Continental's occupancy and revenue have already justified the reopening of the hotel.
Zoltán Géher, Brand Manager, highlighted in his speech at the staff party organized for the evening before the opening; none of their staff were laid off, many persevered during the crisis, and most of the management is the already known, former professionals. The vacant positions were quickly filled with enthusiastic staff, hungry for the „hotel feeling”, which can be a guarantee of maintaining a high standard.
The last 1.5 years have not been idle either, as the kitchen of the ARAZ Restaurant, the rooftop wellness & spa department and all the rooms in three phases have been completely renovated. Zoltán Géher reminded the old and new colleagues: “In 2010, during the economic crisis, we opened this hotel, yet within a short time we became one of the leading hotels in Budapest. So be it now too!” Enjoy the hospitality!

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