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Tamás Günzer, Wine Producer of the Year

30 January 2024

This year, Tamás Günzer was nominated for the third time, and after 24 years, it is a winemaker from Villány again who has won the award. The winegrowing family cultivates 75 hectares of vineyards, from which they produce 5,000 hectoliters of wine a year.

    It's a real family business, where everyone has found the ideal job for them: of his children, Gina is in charge of marketing, Roland is the head winemaker and his mother Mariann is in charge of the catering and the accounts, according to a statement from the Hungarian Wine Academy.

    Tamás Günzer's winery exports to many countries, including Poland, Ireland, Switzerland, China, but their range of products can also be found on the shelves of domestic shops. Among their most outstanding wines are Bocor Grandior Merlot, Mátyás Cuvée, Devils Merlot, Bocor Chardonnay and Bocor Cuvée. The winery has participated in several wine competitions with great results.

    "Always adapting to consumer demands" is Tamás' motto. In line with this, the winery's immediate plans include the construction of a guest house and a venue for events with a capacity of 200 people.



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