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This year's S/ALON BUDAPEST home trend exhibition will transport you to the magical world of sleep and wakefulness

22 September 2022

Modern design is a synthesis of art, architecture, lifestyle and comfort culture, as celebrated at the fourth edition of the S/ALON BUDAPEST home trend exhibition, taking place from 23-25 September.

Recent years have brought a new perspective to our homes, with modern home decoration reflecting on the relationship between interior design and the physical world. The interior designers of the 21st century are primarily interested in bringing the beauty of nature into our homes through the use of natural materials such as wood, stone, glass and large metal surfaces. Details such as lighting, creative use of textures, consistency of colour and the right scale of sustainability are given more attention than ever before.
This time, S/ALON BUDAPEST is showcasing the exciting experience of modern design with 136 renowned professional partners, popular global brands and an inspiring design community.

Inspiring energy
Minimalism, a decade-long trend in interior design, remains popular, but its focus today is not only on the cleanliness of spaces, and the absence of unnecessary objects but also on the message to consciously stick to essential interior accessories only to create a pleasant sense of space. In addition to furniture, lighting, coverings, interior textiles, art, accessories, plants and spaces created by interior designers and decorators, the only home trend exhibition in Hungary will also feature a host of unique specialities. S/ALON BUDAPEST brings the glittering world of design magazines within reach. Detailed, harmonious interiors provide the inspiration to furnish your own home.

A modern home emphasises simplicity, functionality and comfort.
The most common modern interior design themes, such as minimalism, Scandinavian and Japanese design, focus on objects that emphasise the overall design of a room or space. The most striking aspect of modernist design is that, while functional, it is also visually stimulating. Interior design is no longer just about aesthetics, it is also about how we live, work and communicate with the world. Today's people want more from their homes - they want comfort and they want to live in a space that is both livable and beautiful. S/ALON BUDAPEST brings you some inspiring solutions.

The transition between sleep and wakefulness
Every year S/ALON BUDAPEST launches a design competition, this year the theme was Hypnagogia. Hypnagogia is the state of transition from wakefulness to sleep, where we visualise and think at the same time. It is the borderland between wakefulness and sleep, where various sensations, visions and hallucinations appear in our minds, but we have not yet completely broken away from rationality, not yet fully immersed in a sea of dreams. The jury received a large number of entries, and it was a real challenge to select the winning concepts. But we can say with confidence that the functionally usable interiors on show are inspiring spaces, rich in optical illusions and great associations, which will take everyone interested in interior design on a fairytale, almost psychedelic journey.

A reverence for glass
The Bohus-Lugossy Foundation is this year's key professional partner of the event, and the official organizing partner of the United Nations 2022 International Year of Glass - Hungary.
Together with the Bohus-Lugossy Foundation, the organisers of S/ALON will showcase how Hungarian glass works can be a real jewel in an interior. The programme will feature specially commissioned artworks, including sculptures by internationally renowned Hungarian artists, as well as the debut of a number of glass-based design works. Furniture, vase collections and wall coverings with Hungarian glass bases will be shown for the first time in the exhibition interiors, in the visitor welcome and curatorial spaces, and in the Hello Hungarian Design programme.

In addition to the latest interior design trends and professional exhibitor programmes, S/ALON BUDAPEST will bring you some special experiences this year! In addition to the usual aroma ambience and light shows, the organisers will also be offering music, champagne and coffee bars in the Budapest Arena between 23-25 September, to appeal to all the senses and give visitors a visually lasting design experience.

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