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Tutankhamun – Mystery and Treasures exhibition: closing soon!

07 October 2020

Travel back in time and discover the life of the cursed Pharaoh! ‘Tutankhamun – Mystery and Treasures’ to be open until the end of October.

‘Tutankhamun – Mystery and Treasures’ is a traveling exhibition that has been viewed by more than 6 million people in Zurich, Dublin, Brussels, Madrid, Seoul and Paris. “I see beautiful things!” exclaimed British archaeologist Howard Carter as he lit a candle through a small hole in the forepart of the Pharaoh's tomb. The Pharaoh, who has been dead for more than 3,000 years, when Carter made an archaeological discovery that is unmatched to this day. He found a completely undamaged tomb of a Pharaoh with all his treasures. Almost 100 years after the sensational exploration, the ‘Tutankhamun – Mystery and Treasures’ exhibition presents the story of the discovery in a unique way, on 2,000 m2 at Komplex, showcasing over 1,000 objects, graphics and videos. “For the first time since the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb, this is an exhibition that allows people to rediscover treasures and funerary items in the exact layout as they were found in 1922,” reveals Dr Wilfried Seipel, Egyptologist and former director of the Vienna Museum of Fine Arts.


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