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Winterfest Beer Festival

16 January 2019

Budapest will gather for a two-day celebration of beer on January 18-19 at the Duna Palota.

The event showcases local and international beer varieties and offers visitors a chance to learn about beer making and pairing suds with specific gastronomic delights. Enjoy the music and party into the night.

Location: Duna Palota , Zrínyi street 5., Budapest, 1051


Friday 18. 4pm-1am

  • 4pm: Door open
  • 5pm-7pm: Sramli és sváb music
  • 6pm-8pm: Dennia Wanders & Dreamatic concert
  • 8pm-10pm: Dynamite Dudes concert
  • 10pm-1am: Retro party

Saturday 19. noon-1am.

  • noon-2pm: Sramli és sváb music
  • 2pm-6pm: Lectures
  • 6pm-8pm: Alajtner Andris és barátai concert
  • 8pm-10pm: Demeter Erik concert
  • 10pm-1pm: Retro party with Dj Kory, vocal by Renáta Mondok

Furter information on the event facebook site.

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