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The Most Renowned Hungarian Chefs Visit Sopron

04 April 2024

Musical cooking experiences, an unusual country brunch, vegan dinners, Michelin-starred chefs, excellent wines, premium coffees and professional talks at SopronFest. From May 11 to 17, 27 gourmet events will take place in 12 restaurants and catering venues in Sopron, NW Hungary.

     Among others, Gianni, Lajos Bíró, Zsófia Mautner, Szabi the Baker and László Jahni, chef of Kistücsök in Balatonszemes will be visiting the city and will be bringing their kitchens here, while Beatrix Harrer-Abosi and Zoltán Erhardt from the local gastronomic scene will be preparing an exciting menu. And while waiting for a concert by Halott Pénz, Azahriah or Majka, you can enjoy the best food truck kitchens in the country.

     Opusz Terem is one of the most important gastronomic venues not only in the region but in the whole country, where on 11 May Ádám Thür, chef of the IKON restaurant in Debrecen, and Attila Molnár, one of the best-known baristas of Opusz Terem and the country, have set out to present a menu based on traditional Hungarian ingredients and drinks, with a youthful and daring spirit, which can only be tasted by the guests of SopronFest.

    Bence Dalnoki, the 2023 Bocuse d'Or bronze medalist and sous-chef of the two Michelin-starred Stand Restaurant, will talk about his work at an unusual workshop event. On May 12, Gianni Annoni will conjure up an Italian aperitivo at the Forum Pizzeria, with delicious snacks and tasty drinks. On May 13, Zsófia Mautner will be a guest at the Bojtorina Vegan Kitchen, where she will prepare a delicious vegan meal. On May 16, two legendary restaurants will meet: chefs László Jahni and Zoltán Erhardt of Kistücsök will prepare a four-course dinner with six courses and accompanying wines, featuring a fusion of Lake Balaton and Sopron.

    On 17 May, chef and restaurateur Lajos Bíró will be at the Tercia Hubertus restaurant, and also on the same day, Szabi, the baker, will be baking the best sourdough pizzas on the terrace of Harrer Confectionery. The city's legendary confectionery and chocolate shop will be the festival's highlight all week long, with Beatrix Harrer-Abosi serving delicious coffee and pastries. On May 18, András Csomós, executive chef of Hotel Sopron, and Ádám Gyüjtő, chef at the two-time Green Michelin-starred Graefl Major, will invite everyone to a chic yet sustainable brunch at ZAKAnT restaurant.

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