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Rooftop Vegan Food Fest

05 September 2017

Hungary's most exciting gastronomic festival, specializing in plant-based foods- the Vegan Food Fest, will be moving to the rooftop garden of the West End City Center on the second weekend in September.

For the fourth time, the celebration of plant-based dishes under the trademark name of Vegan Food Fest, will be held from September 7th to 10th.  Visitors can gain insights into the diversity of plant-based foods and Hungary's favorite Vegan, Vegetarian and Vegan-Friendly Restaurants, Confectionaries, Street Foods and Bistros will see to it that you experience a taste orgy during the four-day event.
One of the specialties of the event is that each exhibitor is preparing a starter, a main course or a dessert, which will be available for tasting only during the event. In other words, these dishes that have been designed especially for the Vegan Food Fest will not available before the event or after the event and the foodservice establishments will not be putting them onto their regular menus.
In addition to the unique gourmet creations, of course, visitors will also be able to taste the vegan equivalent of the foods with which they are most familiar. You can sample amazing lactose-free ice creams, vegan burgers and hotdogs, aged cheese and cold cut alternatives, raw foods, and the not-to-be-missed “veganized” Hungarian and International courses.

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