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Two-Day Korean Cultural Festival in Budapest

03 May 2024

On May 18 and 19, the KoreaON cultural festival will be held in Hungexpo Hall B in the Hungarian capital: free programs, big stage performances, dance and music performances, including MayTree, will take place in Budapest, where visitors will have the opportunity to discover the cultural values of the distant country on almost 1,500 square meters.

    The KoreaON cultural festival, which is celebrating its 5th anniversary this year, will be hosted by the Korean Cultural Center and HanYou Foundation as a guest event of Comic Con, offering a taste of the diversity of Korean culture over two days, according to a statement from the organizers.

     In addition to the main stage performances, there will be workshops, a cooking show, modern and traditional dance and music performances, taekwondo demonstrations and an early evening K-pop party.

     The exhibition area will also feature traditional handicraft stalls, family activities, Korean culinary experiences, music and dance classes, beauty product demonstrations, an interactive section of Korean companies and a quiz show, they add.

     Among the performers is MayTree a capella group, which will perform for the first time in Hungary, and will cover world-famous hits and music from films and TV series.

     The event will also feature performances by the Korean masked theatre troupe Kkokdugwangdae, the Ikkeulim formation and several Hungarian performers.

    The parade of Korean and Hungarian artists is said to evoke the atmosphere of fairs throughout the event. "The performers will parade around the building in colorful costumes, with the sounds of traditional Korean instruments and joyful gestures," they say, adding that the repertoire of seven shows will include modernity alongside tradition. Thus, in addition to costumes that evoke bygone times, the performers will also add cosplay elements to their productions," the statement reads.

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