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IKONO's New Exhibition Space in Budapest

01 September 2023

After the venues in Madrid, Barcelona and Rome, IKONO's newest experience gallery has opened in downtown Budapest, where more than ten ever-changing and interactive rooms await visitors.


    At IKONO's Budapest gallery, visitors can immerse themselves in more than ten fantasy worlds in an interactive exhibition. Visitors can use their own hands as paintbrushes to draw lights in the air, dance under a shower of confetti and plunge into a giant ball pool, among other things, the exhibition said.


    Highlights of the experience include the Room of Endless Lanterns, where visitors can take a surreal walk-through lights and shadows, and Light Painting, inspired by Pablo Picasso's experiments in painting. The public can also see works by artists such as Koketit, Heather Bellino and Kimberly Leahey.

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