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Discover Baraka

16 July 2018


Imagine one of your most pleasant gastronomical journeys where all the flavors, harmony and textures create unique culinary memories. Imagine Budapest’s most exclusive and very first fine dining foodie destination that opened for French-Asian cuisine lovers in 2001. Baraka awaits every curious, enlightened, bon vivant friend and gourmet, who wants to discover the unusual harmony of special tastes from all over the world. Located at the heritage Dorottya Palace in the heart of historic Budapest, a short walk from the five star hotels and the banks of the Danube, Baraka has a classy, relaxed, elegant atmosphere with an open kitchen offering the best gastronomic show in town. “The restaurant’s design is the culmination of our vision and many years of getting to know our guests and their desires. The textures, flavors, and beauty of our dishes leave guests with unforgettable gastronomical memories,” say the owners, Leora and David Seboek. Baraka takes its drinks as serious as its food. The well-balanced wine list and artisan cocktails make Baraka one of the most well rounded exciting restaurants in Hungary!

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