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Római part - A piece of heaven by the river

27 June 2018

Római part has been a part of Hungarian culture for over two centuries. In the 1800s it was the center of aquatic sports and activities. Earl István Széchenyi and Baron Miklós Wesselényi were the Hungarian pioneers of rowing, which started in this era. Within the last decade, residential parks have been built in the area. But even this metamorphosis did not change the profile much: the riverside remains a beloved place for many of us, good for a drink, or two, long walks, biking, a get away from everyday havoc. According to many dog-owners, this is the only place in Budapest, besides Kopaszi- gát, where they can take their pets swimming. With many restaurants, cafés and beautiful scenery, Római part offers a great opportunity for those who would like to slow down their busy lives and, by take a deep breath, relax a little.

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