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PÖDÖR'S Award-winning Sour Cherry Seed Oil

13 October 2017

The new “Sour Cherry Seed Oil” from PÖDÖR Premium Oils and Vinegars was selected as one of the top innovations in the industry and was a highlight at the International Anuga Taste Innovation Show 2017, which just took place.

   At the international Anuga Food Fair that just took place from 7 to 11 October 2017 in Cologne, PÖDÖR impressed an eager trade audience with its exquisite oil made from the seeds of sour cherries. For the expert jury of the Anuga Taste Innovation Show, which selected the industry’s top innovations from amongst approx. 2,000 product ideas, PÖDÖR’s sour cherry oil is one of the top innovations at this year’s Anuga.
Cold pressed sour cherry seed oil is especially well-suited for refining salads, gravy and pungent cheeses. As well, many kinds of fruit offer incredibly new taste sensations when drizzled with this precious oil and then sprinkled, for example, with flakes of dark chocolate. A tip for all gourmands: Just a few drops of oil in soups or drizzled on fresh pasta will lend every dish that extra nuance of aroma. The golden yellow sour cherry seed oil is one of the rarest, yet most valuable oils known to man. Even back in the Medieval ages, this oil was highly valued for its beneficial health effects, and to this day it is still quite complicated to produce. The cherry pits are carefully selected and then processed using a method specially developed by PÖDÖR. They are then kept in cold storage at a specific temperature and humidity level and finally cold pressed using an exclusively mechanical oil press. Thanks to this gentle method of processing, the sour cherry oil preserves all of the original components that are responsible for its fine flavour and beneficial effects.

This oil is characterized by its high proportion of Omega-6 fatty acids and Vitamin E, both of which are essential substances for the human organism. They protect the cells of the body from destruction and deactivate free radicals. One main component of sour cherry seed oil is oleic acid, an unsaturated fatty acid that is indispensable for humans. As it is not produced in the human body, these healthy fatty acids must be added to our diet. 
The sour cherry seed oil made by PÖDÖR is not only very healthy, but also offers a very special taste experience – just a few drops will add a crowning glory to many kinds of food. 
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