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You're also in it: the Sziget aftermovie has arrived

24 October 2023

This year has been a significant milestone in the history of Sziget. Thanks to the developments in 2023, including the evolving convenience services, the unique program offerings and visuals, the Island of Freedom continues to be an unmissable experience according to the feedback received. We can relive it again with the recently released aftermovie, and with the soon to be launched new ticket promotion we can already secure our tickets for next year's Sziget, which will be the 30th edition from the beginning.

    "This year we have managed to redefine the concept of the Sziget experience by enhancing guest satisfaction and tailoring the festival's diverse program offerings to meet the needs of both the domestic and the expanding international audience," summarized the last Sziget Festival Tamás Kádár, the main organizer of Sziget. Kádár revealed that during the first Super Early Bird sale, in the 48-hour selling period following the festival, there was immense interest. More than twice as many passes were sold during this period compared to a similar timeframe for Sziget 2022. “With this year's Sziget, a new era in the history of the festival has begun, with great innovations across all areas, and an already increasing anticipation seems to confirm this," said Kádár. "There has never been this amount of interest in Sziget at such an early stage" he added. Nearly half of the available passes for 2024 were already sold out just a few days after this year's Sziget, and now the festival organizers will provide another opportunity for favorable ticket purchases from October 26 for those who missed out on the August discount, once again lasting for 48 hours.

    Not only the attendees but also several artists have fond memories of this year's Sziget. Italian rapper Lazza, who performed on the main stage, expressed his thoughts in response to questions from La Republica. Lazza mentioned that he curiously but with some tension anticipated his performance, as he was unfamiliar with the Sziget audience. “...the organization was perfect, something we can only dream of in Italy. Everything went smoothly; I performed in the afternoon, yet in front of a massive audience,” commented the Italian rapper about his Sziget concert.

    Watching the recently published aftermovie, we can relive the Sziget feeling, cramming the six days into seven minutes. And we can even prepare for next year’s Sziget festival, which will attract us to the Island of Freedom between August 7-12, 2024, for the 30th time since its inception. 


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