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Vegetarian Festival, not only for vegetarians!

02 September 2019

Are you considering switching to a raw diet but don't know how to get started? Do you wonder what vegan cosmetics are like? Do you want to know the latest news on plant-based nutrition? Do you want to know how to care more about the environment?

Did you know that a meat-free diet can improve the symptoms of MS disease? Have you already gone meat-free but lack new recipes? Then, head to the 23rd Vegetarian Festival on September 14-15! The two-day event, traditionally hosted by the Kőrösi Csoma Sándor Kőbánya Cultural Center in District 10, at Szent László Square 7-14., offers nutritionists' lectures, documentary film screenings, food tastings and an eco-and bio-friendly product market. Visitors are also invited to attend yoga groups, relaxation sessions, music and dance programs. There will be a "cooking room" where visitors can learn how to prepare mouth-watering vegetarian and vegan meals. The festival is family-friendly: a playroom awaits the little ones while their parents cook or meditate. The purpose of this festival is to dispel the misconceptions about vegetarian lifestyle and to highlight how we can live a healthy life by eating fruits and vegetables. Admission is free!

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