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Fifty locations, tens of thousands of fans: György Korda and Klári Balázs wrap up Airport tour

17 November 2023

Tens of thousands of fans partied in 50 locations during the countrywide tour of György Korda and Klári Balázs. As part of the Reptér (Airport) tour, supported by Budapest Airport, the artists performed, among others, at the EFOTT music festival, the Campus Festival in Debrecen, several countryside towns and even took the unadulterated Airport atmosphere beyond the borders of Hungary.

    In May, György Korda and Klári Balázs started their countrywide tour at the Budapest Park with a capacity crowd of 12,000 fans and several guest performers. The concert tour, supported by Budapest Airport, started with a big surprise for the artist couple; they were presented with the Fonogram Lifetime Achievement Award on stage. This set the momentum for the following months; the Korda-Balázs duo traveled more than 10,000 kilometers over the summer and created a great atmosphere at fifty locations. What is more, the crowd favorite “Reptér” (Airport) debuted with a new, special choreography, in which the dancers used original airport props, to evoke the unique atmosphere of the airport.

    “It was fantastic for us to feel the love from so many people from all over the country, young and old. It was tiring, but at the same time, it recharged us. It is always amazing to feel the crowd start to move when they hear the song Reptér (Airport),” said György Korda about the tour with Klári Balázs. He added: “When we re-recorded the 40-year-old music video with Budapest Airport in 2021, I never imagined that this song would be such a hit again. It has actually done even more than that; it is a song that will preserve me for future generations, because when they go to the airport, they will think of me and maybe I’ll accompany them a little bit on their adventures ahead.”

    Budapest Airport recorded a new music video for the iconic hit song by György Korda and Klári Balázs in 2021. Since then, the new video has been viewed in 50 countries around the world, generating more than 14 million clicks. According to Budapest Airport’s data, this is equivalent to 63 years of music listening.

    The song has now become a pop culture phenomenon, inspiring popular Hungarian artists and emerging talents time and again: Azahriah, Beton.Hofi and Dávid Miller, among others, have performed their own versions. The “Reptér” (Airport) trend swept through TikTok in 2022, and we have heard the evergreen song by György Korda, Klári Balázs and Péter Máté in the selection rounds of several talent shows.

    The Korda couple will not rest for long after the tour; in 2024, they will perform at the Youth & Folly Birthday Concert Show at the Budapest Arena.

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