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Ice is nice - Skating in the City Park

13 January 2020

There is nothing more classic, more festive, nor more “wintery” than skating – and skating at the City Park Ice Rink (Városligeti Műjégpalya) is truly skating in style.

The City Park Ice Rink is the oldest functioning ice rink in Hungary and, to this day, it is the largest outdoor artificial ice surface in Europe. The moment the ice rink opens in late November, you’ll find locals and city visitors alike swirling and twirling on the rink, set against the Vajdahunyad Castle. There are bustling crowds on the terraces, either queuing up, waiting for their chance to glide onto the ice, or simply admiring the skaters and sipping mulled wine. And then, there’s the irresistible smell and taste of the chimney cake, sold nearby. Skates can be rented at the rink. The Ice Rink is planned to be open until February 28.

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