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Starbucks Beyond Budapest Borders

16 October 2017

Seven years after stepping foot into the Hungarian Market, Starbucks arrives to Szeged. According to plans, the first coffee will be served in the University town this year. Search for employees has already begun.

One of the world's most famous coffee chains has been present on the Hungarian market since 2010, but only visitors to the capital and residents can enjoy their unique experience. Because of its bustling university and cultural life, the brand's Central European leadership chose the university town as the first rural location in the country. In addition to home and work, Starbucks wants to become a so-called "third place" for quality coffee lovers in Szeged, creating a permanent venue for common learning, business meetings and get-togethers with friends. To this end, the Szeged store will conjure up the well-known Starbucks atmosphere, with the interior characterized by warmer shades and comfortable furniture, thus helping guests relax for several hours.

The coffee chain has already begun searching for partners in Szeged, who after being selected, will participate in the coffee chain’s barista training of and take part in pre-opening preparations. At this time, there is no information available about further expansion of the brand in the Hungary.
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