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Renoir Exhibition at The Museum of Fine Arts

12 September 2023

The Museum of Fine Arts is presenting the oeuvre of one of the most renowned masters of French Impressionism through some seventy works in an exhibition entitled 'Renoir - The Painter and his Models', which opens this Friday.

Cécile Girardeau and Paul Perrin, the French curators of the exhibition, said that the Museum of Fine Arts has brought together the highlights of Pierre-Auguste Renoir's long career. The selection of around 70 works focuses on the master's portraiture, showing how Renoir was the most original of the Impressionists.

The exhibition also shows Renoir's relationship with tradition: an innovator, he looked up to his great predecessors and considered himself the last link in a long tradition, experimenting with a range of techniques throughout his six-decade career, as he was reminded.

Zsófia Anna Kovács, the Hungarian curator of the exhibition, pointed out that although Renoir is rightly considered one of the greatest figures of Impressionism, the Musum of Fine Arts exhibition presents his early, pre-Impressionist works as well as his later, more classicist works.

The exhibition 'The Painter and his Models' will be on view at the Museum of Fine Arts from Friday until January 7, 2024.

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