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A Selection of Artworks at the Kieselbach Gallery

19 March 2024

An exhibition of a selection of artworks, including 19th century classics, contemporary works and Biedermeier genres, is on show at the Kieselbach Gallery in Budapest.

    The exhibition also includes modern masterpieces, fauve compositions, expressionist masterpieces, art deco scenes and pop art works.

    The selection also includes museum masterpieces. For example, János Vaszary's art deco classic East and West, which evokes a yin-yang duo and recently appeared in the Hungarian National Gallery's Vaszary exhibition.

    Among the museum highlights are Béla Kontuly's Roman schoolboy masterpiece, Blind at the Red Well, and József Egry's long-unseen, large-scale expressionist masterpiece, Christ at Emmaus, once a jewel in Ödön Márton's collection.

    The selection includes Lajos Tihanyi's first known painting, Károly Ferenczy's metaphysically minimalist remake, Pál Szinyei Merse's altarpiece for the family church of the Minster and József Rippl-Rónai's masked Zorka, returned from overseas.

    Several works from great masters such as László Mednyánszky, József Rippl-Rónai, János Vaszary, Vilmos Aba-Novák and Béla Czóbel are included, along with a newly discovered collection of István Szőnyi and contemporary works.

    A separate catalogue has been prepared for the auction exhibitions, which include a similar number of selected works. The works on display are available for purchase in the gallery.

    In addition to auctions, the world's leading auction houses regularly organize private sales. Both bidders and buyers can choose between auction sales and private sales. In addition to auctions, Kieselbach Gallery held its first offering show in the early 2000s and since 2008 has periodically held private sales. This exhibition, which opened on Monday, continues the series.

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