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Twenty years of Eger Wine Salon

14 December 2022

This year, for the twentieth time, winemakers and wine lovers from Eger will gather to celebrate the end of the year with the finest wines from Eger. As in previous years, the tasting will take place on 29 December in Eger.

The first Egri Wine Salon was held in 2001. The aim of the event has remained the same since the beginning: to bring together Eger winemakers and wine lovers to taste the best wines Eger has to offer. It is a true festive walk-around tasting and social event, where the atmosphere of conversation is permeated by the calm of the festive season, the summing up of the past year's experiences and the excitement of new plans for the coming year.

In 2022, the Agria Event Centre is the hosting venue of the Eger Wine Salon, where guests will be able to taste the exhibitors' wines with the purchase of a ticket. Each winery will be presenting three lots, including the best wines of the winery as well as some rare and unique items.

The evening will start at 6pm, followed by the great wines of Eger and moments of fun until the programme closes at 11pm. This is guaranteed by the fact that each exhibitor will arrive with at least two Egere superior or grand superior wines.

Although the event attracts guests from all over Hungary, it is particularly popular with locals. It's an important social event for the people of Eger, but interestingly, for another group of guests, the evening is also a personal one. Many of those born and raised in Eger are studying or working in other parts of the country, but return home at the end of the year. And after spending the holidays with their immediate family, the Wine Salon offers an opportunity to meet up with friends and dear acquaintances.

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