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32th Festival of Folk Arts (Mesterségek Ünnepe)

15 August 2018

Festival of Folk Arts is the most significant forum for living folk culture in Hungary. To be organized on August 17-20 this year, it is a uniquely diverse fest, which has received the Certified European Festival title by the European Festival Association. In the historic atmosphere of the Buda Castle, visitors are encouraged to meet the most distinguished representatives of traditional craftsmen, such as leatherworkers, candle makers, beading masters, potters, woodcarvers, egg painters and gingerbread makers. The fest’s main theme this year is weaving and spinning. Special guests this year arrive from Iran, Mongolia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. In addition to the eye-catching Kazakh silver jewelry, visitors can admire meticulously crafted Kyrgyz felt dresses and the masterpieces of the UNESCO World Heritage Prize-winning Persian masters from Yazd, Iran. Among the performers on stage, are Pál István Szalonna and his Band, Júlia Kubinyi and Balázs Szokolay Dongó.

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