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Black Food Festival soon returns to Budapest!

21 January 2020

The Black Food Festival, a project started by Hungarian food enthusiasts, is on an international tour and will arrive in Budapest's OFF Kultur on March 21. Originally, Black Food Festival is about dark and black food & drinks, but there’s so much more to it: the fest celebrates creativity and openness. Inviting guests to try something new and unusual, the traveling festival offers black design and fashion items, dark music – a very special atmosphere to be enjoyed by anyone, not only goth people.

The international tour kicked off in Berlin. The next stops were Tel Aviv and Helsinki, followed by New York, taking Brooklyn by storm. Then came Istanbul, London and Nairobi in Kenya, one of the most open and rapidly developing countries in Africa. It seems that the concept – which can be adapted – is wildly popular in all kinds of cultures. The first franchise event was in Tallinn, visited by no less than 4,000 guests. In Budapest, guests will be encouraged to taste savory dishes, vegan, sugar-free, lactose-free and gluten-free dishes, and various kinds of street food: black hamburger, black tortilla, black chili sauce, black beer, black coffee by Caffé Perté, black churros, black ice cream and black cakes. A wide assortment of dark macarons will be also available. Get ready for some major surprises, too: black cocktails with real locusts, and special, rarely seen dark fruits and vegetables. A panel of expert judges will choose the most delicious food and drink and will hand out the ‘Black Food of the Year’ and the ‘Black Drink of the Year’ awards.


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