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Fine dining plating at home

15 February 2021

Fine dining experience and food delivery are far from being synonyms. Not only the lack of the restaurant atmosphere, but of course because of a number of technicalities. For instance, all the dishes in a restaurant leave the kitchen pass on an ideal temperature, often times multiple temperatures on one plate.

This is obviously impossible to implement into food delivery. However, some fine dining restaurants found a way around this. The exact method is different with each restaurant, but the main principle is to package the pre-cooked elements of each dish and leave it up to the guests to finish the plating at home. Many on us might find the prepartion of these meals intimidating, so ICON Buda restaurant made a video series to demonstrate how easy they are in reality. All you need is a few pots and pans and 15-20 minutes of free time. The video series displays one of each main courses from the restaurant’s home degustation menu.

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