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Hungarian Winner at This Year's Oscars

11 March 2024

Hungarian production designer Zsuzsa Mihalek won an Academy Award, jointly with Shona Heath and James Price, for her work in the American movie ‘Poor Things’ the principal filming of which took place in the Hungarian capital.

    Zsuzsa Mihalek was not present at the Oscars ceremony in Los Angeles, but her co-recipients accepted the 'Best Production Design' award on her behalf.

    "I've been doing this since 1986, so I don't have to look for furniture on the Internet anymore, because I know immediately where I can find the furniture and textiles I need for the film. I'm grateful that Pioneer Production Ltd, the Hungarian production company of ‘Poor Things’, gave us the opportunity and had confidence that we would do this job well. It is common for foreign films to bring the set designer with them, and we Hungarians act as a support team. But here, fortunately, we were given the whole task," she told the portal earlier about here role in the production.

    Zsuzsa Mihalek is the second Hungarian to win an Academy Award in this category as Zsuzsanna Sipos was recognized with the same award for her work as set designer in the movie 'Dune'.

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