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Vodafone introduces a television service specialized for the hospitality industry

28 January 2021

Vodafone Hungary launched its cutting-edge television service specially made for role players of the Hungarian hospitality sector. Hotel and Guesthouse TV (Panzió TV) packages – sharing only licensed contents – offer a wide range of channels, and what it’s more, the selection can be different in every room, based on the guests’ demands.

In autumn 2020, Vodafone created a wide range of varied offers for its business clients interested in tourism. Business TV (Üzleti TV) has been incorporated into the Guesthouse TV (Panzió TV), whilst the selection of Hotel TV has been expanded. The goal of the provider was to create a portfolio which offers something to each partner in the hospitality sector, suitable for their size, target audience and style. Both Guesthouse TV (Panzió TV) and Hotel TV packages can be used differently in every room.

Wide range of channels

The Guesthouse TV Small package (Panzió TV Small) features 41 television and 3 radio channels, while the Medium package has 67 television and 3 radio channels, ensuring that most of the guests can enjoy the variety they are used to at home. Hotel TV mini, basic and pro packages have 8, 45 and 68 television and 3 radio channels, therefore hotel owners can easily tailor their channel portfolio to the needs of the guests. Hotel TV Foreign (Hotel TV Külföldi) and Hotel TV Foreign Extra (Hotel TV Külföldi Extra) packages even offer foreign language channels, which can be beneficial to hotels with regular guests from abroad.

Entertainment in every area

Vodafone also offers television channels for the public areas. Hotel TV Public Standard and Pro packages offer 20 and 35 television channels and 3 radio channels, so halls, lounges, bars, and entertainment centers can also get licensed contents. For using Hotel TV services, it is not necessary to put media boxes in every room, as channels go through optical and micro cables. For more information about the domestic hospitality business offers, please open this link. Vodafone Hungary is committed towards Hungarian tourism industry, therefore, the company not only offers products and services helping the digitalization of hospitality businesses, but also takes part in the Tourism Season Opening Gala – held online on February 1 under the name of FEB1 Backstage – as a sponsor.

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