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Zwack helps disadvantaged music industry workers with charity campaign

15 October 2021

Four young artists presented their unique visions and designs at Zwack Unicum’s ‘Together we are free!’ competition to find answers to the question of how to redefine freedom after a year of confinement. Marina Sztefanu was voted the winner by the jury and her installation will be completed in 2022 in Budapest Park.

The four young artists who took part in the competition – photographer Attila Dóczi and visual artists Hanna Rédling, Nikolett Balázs and Marina Sztefanu – were inspired by different things, but their works all show the same thing: how they experienced the ‘imprisonment’ caused by the new coronavirus infection and then the sudden freedom they suddenly regained. The jury was made up by Sándor Zwack, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zwack Unicum Nyrt., Inemesit Etentuk, Artistic Advisor of Budapest Park, Anna Ott, Artistic Director of Hadik Café and Dávid Marsalkó, frontman of the band Halott Pénz.

In addition to unique memories and experiences, the works are inspired by the 225-year-old Zwack Unicum brand. Hanna Rédling combined the Space Age style with Unicum's ‘Only Positive!’ approach, Attila Dóczi's spectacular work is a blueprint for a utopia, Nikolett Balázs sought natural solutions, surfaces and forms while the winner Marina Sztefanu based her work on herbs and spices from around the world, which are also reflected in Unicum's unmistakable taste. The installation, which will be on display next year in a prominent location in Budapest Park, will bring the silhouettes of these plants to life in colorful plexiglass and acrylic panels.

"Freedom means something completely different to me today than it did before the epidemic. In the last two years, I had to adapt to new things, I missed personal relationships and being with friends and family. The call words of the competition also hinted at this: they suggested the personality and the need for 100% presence that were essential to the reception of my previous works and that my installation for Unicum also requires," Marina Stefanu said.

The young artists have also created T-shirt designs for the general public. The garments will be available for purchase and the proceeds will go to the Fábián Juli Memorial Foundation. The aim of the foundation is to help musicians and music industry workers who are unable to create and perform because of the epidemic or long-term illness.

"Supporting Hungarian culture and young talent has always been very important to my family, and this has been a priority in the life and communication of the Unicum brand. In the past year, artists have faced unprecedented difficulties as a result of the coronavirus, so it is more important than ever that we help. This is why we have launched the ‘Together We Are Free!’ competition and charity campaign – the latter in collaboration with Save the Backstage and the Fábián Juli Memorial Foundation team – to help support contemporary art and the struggling music industry," Sándor Zwack, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zwack Unicum Plc. explained.

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