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25 hotel has won the Michelin Guide recommendation

10 July 2024

Together with the four new ratings in June, twenty-five Hungarian hotels have been included in the list of hotels recommended by the world-famous Michelin Guide - the Hungarian Tourism Agency (MTÜ) announced on Wednesday.

    In April of this year, the world's leading restaurant guide announced that it would start rating hotels in addition to restaurants, and currently recommends 5,000 accommodations worldwide to the attention of travelers. Thanks to the new ratings, Hungary is now represented in the international publication by ten Michelin-recommended hotels, in which a Michelin recommendation or Michelin-starred restaurant awaits its guests.

    For four years, the Michelin Guide has been recognizing outstanding hotels with a recommendation, but from 2024, the best hotels can also receive Michelin Keys, similar to restaurant stars.

    At the same time, only those hotels that have previously received the recommendation of the Michelin Guide can receive a Michelin Key. This is also why it is significant that 25 domestic hotels have now achieved this qualification. And four of them, the Andrássy Kúria, the Platán Udvarház, the Avalon Resort & Spa and the Tokaj Minaro, were included in the list of hotels recommended by the Michelin Guide in June.

    László Könnyid, CEO of the Hungarian Tourism Agency, emphasized: "The dynamic development of Hungarian accommodation services and the advancement of high-quality services contribute to the fact that, in addition to the world map of gastronomy, Hungary is now increasingly prominent among the destinations of tourists looking for high-quality services displayed".

    They wrote that, thanks to the gastronomic revolution of recent years, Hungary's restaurants are also listed with great success in the Michelin Guide publication. Last year, more than ever before, 73 restaurants across the country were included in the Hungarian recommendation of the French guide, in which Hungary is thus represented by two 2 Michelin stars, seven 1 Michelin stars, seven Bib Gourmands, and another 57 Michelin-recommended restaurants.

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