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Andalusian Fiesta

22 November 2017

After last year's Monarchy Waltz Horse Riding Gala, this year Spain's best horsemen, members of Andalusia's Royal Horse Riding School will visit Budapest with their dazzling show on December 2 and 3 at the László Papp Arena.

The main characters of the Andalusian Fiesta are not just horses and riders but also flamenco dancers. Spanish riders will premier together with flamenco dancers, which is a unique performance in the world. Hungary’s world-famous opera singer, Kossuth Prize winner Erika Miklósa will join the Fiesta and will appear on horseback in the role of Carmen at this special theatrical performance. Her partner, also a Kossuth Prize winner will be Attila B. Kiss.

In the performance, 50 horses and their riders, along with the Flamenco dancers accompanying them will be on stage December 2 and 3 at Budapest’s László Papp Sport Arena. Performers and singers will be accompanied by a symphonic orchestra, conducted by András Déri. The Fiesta will feature beautiful Spanish horses, popular and favorite music and world-class singers. There will also be some surprise elements in the show such as Flamenco dancers floating in the air throughout the Arena.

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