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Budapest Airport receives excellent ratings for cleanliness, safety/security and passenger services

27 January 2021

The developments implemented at Ferenc Liszt International Airport have resulted in a clearly perceptible increase in service quality – this is the conclusion from the international passenger satisfaction survey (ASQ) carried out during the last quarter of 2020. As part of the survey, travelers rated the services used at the airport, based on 37 different criteria, and the scores registered during the last quarter of 2020 confirm the 167 million euro (57 billion HUF) development package of the past two years.

Every quarter, the ASQ survey is the most important indicator for Budapest Airport, as it reflects the developments implemented by the airport operator and the quality of passenger services directly, based on ratings from travelers. Budapest Airport therefore decided to carry out the satisfaction survey in 2020 as well, affording an opportunity for passengers to provide feedback about their impressions of the airport environment. Budapest Airport spent 74 million euros (26 billion HUF) in 2020 alone on airport developments, the vast majority of which affected passenger services, the terminal infrastructure and the airport environment, and the amount spent on developments over the past two years reaches 167 million euros. These developments are clearly visible on the results of the survey, implemented by an independent service provider; the general satisfaction level of respondents during the last quarter of 2020 reached 4.17 points, which is excellent. The score given for the general ambience of the terminal was much higher in the fourth quarter of 2020, 4.09, compared to 3.79 in the same period of 2019. The passenger information system and wayfinding at the terminal were also rated higher than 4 on a scale of one to five, with the wayfinding signs revamped last year and the newly introduced displaying of waiting time and walking distance contributing to this. The highest rated criteria include the thoroughness of security screening, the helpfulness of staff and the feeling of safety and security. The score given for restrooms also improved considerably from 2019. Budapest Airport implemented significant expansions in this respect over the past years, whereby bathroom capacity increased by 75%. The lowest scores were typically awarded for criteria relating to road access to the airport, and passengers also gave lower ratings for value for money at the car parks and of certain products, as is characteristic of consumer surveys. On the whole, the results measured in October-December 2020 fully confirm the continuous increase in the quality of passenger services and the airport environment. In 2021, Budapest Airport awaits the return of passengers with a renewed environment, excellent terminal infrastructure and an invariably high level of safety and security. “Passengers’ opinions is the most important criterion when judging an airport, as the entire facility and passenger services are there for their benefit. Continuously increasing passenger satisfaction must therefore be a permanent objective for us,” stated Dr. Rolf Schnitzler, the CEO of Budapest Airport. “We are continuously rethinking passenger services, with consideration for international trends, and adapt the best practices, in order to provide the best travel experience for passengers arriving in and departing from Hungary. I am delighted that, based on the results of the survey, our multimillion euro developments have already proven their worth, as they play a great role in achieving this target,” he added.

More details about Budapest Airport’s 167 million euros development program are available here.

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