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Digital Developments Begin at the Liszt Academy

24 December 2022

The Liszt Academy of Music will launch a comprehensive IT development with the support of the EU Restoration Fund, with more than HUF 1.2 billion, the Liszt Academy of Music told the state news agency MTI.

The Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music (Liszt Ferenc Zeneakadémia) has successfully applied for the call for proposals entitled "Infrastructure and skills development for practice-oriented higher education", launched by the Hungarian government as part of the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF), a call for proposals for higher education sector actors, launched by the European Union. The institution has been awarded some HUF 1.25 billion (of which almost HUF 1 billion is EU funding), the press release stressed.

The project entitled Digital Development of Practical Training at the Liszt Academy of Music aims to acquire equipment to meet the special needs of distance and hybrid education in higher music education, to provide IT tools for teachers, students and staff, to introduce innovative digital programs developed in-house into education, and to modernize teacher training and adult education.

The objectives also include the creation of an Online Education Center to serve music and music education and to make available the results of new and innovative developments. The project will expand accessibility by modernizing studio equipment for concert activities and creating an online concert center, as well as developing the digital skills of teachers, students and staff," the statement says.

Following the signature of the grant contract, preparations for the procurement of the infrastructure improvements and the implementation of the training and content elements of the project have started, the release said.

These include the further development of the Move mi Music online solfege curriculum, which has been highly acclaimed in international professional circles, and will result in the program being available in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French and Chinese, in addition to Hungarian and English. Further functionalities will also be added to help singing and music teachers," the release says. The preparation of curricular developments for the Kodály Institute's innovative new International Kodály Musicianship Certificate Program in English and the international registration of its figurative trademark has also started, the release concludes.

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