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How the World Cooks

27 July 2022

Budapest Airport has put out a unique guidebook and cookbook. The 22nd book in the How to Cook series, “How the World Cooks” guides readers through 48 countries, including Hungary, with travelogues and traditional recipes.

The book contains 52 recipes, including a bonus dish - the personal favorite of Ferenc Liszt, the airport’s namesake: pork with mushroom. In addition, we can also read about the specialty of the chef preparing the dishes, Gabriella Szikra: sweet-chili strawberry.

The book, produced in cooperation with the editorial duo GABRIEL&VIOLET, will not be commercially available, but a limited number of copies will be offered during the prize draws on Budapest Airport’s social media channels.

Budapest Airport is convinced that culinary delights are as much a part of a holiday abroad - or even a one-day city visit - as the sights and the people themselves. That is why the company decided to bring out this special book with the GABRIEL&VIOLET duo, inviting you to a gastronomic trip around the world. The reader-traveler can get a taste of the colorful and diverse world of spices, ingredients, cooking methods and food culture through recipes from 5 continents. The special recipes can bring back memories of previous journeys or encourage the reader to discover new destinations and try the specialties of their home country.

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