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11th Ördögkatlan Festival

25 July 2018

This pan-art festival has selected several locations for its events, namely Nagyharsány, Kisharsány, Palkonya and Beremend. As in the past, the festival this year on July 31 - August 4 will highlight art from basket weaving to music, theater, literary and fine art. Open-air concerts and shows will be performed by Ferenc Snétberger, the Csík Ensemble featuring Gábor Presser, the Belgian Circus Marcel, k2, the TranzDanz, Boban Marcovic Orchestra & Tóth Gabi, PASO, 30Y, Óriás, Kiscsillag, Ivyz, Quimby, Sorbonne Sexual, Slam Poetry, Like a Rolling Stone, Budapest Bár, Wombo, Anima Sound System, the Kerekes Band, Félix Lajkó, and many more.

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