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A Sunday Lunch Highlight in a Five-Star Hotel: Black Angus Ribeye Steak

22 April 2024

Spago Budapest raises the stakes again. Since the end of March, every Sunday between noon and 3pm, the restaurant in Matild Palace is offering a Sunday Brunch experience that is without exaggeration unique in this genre. World-renowned chef Wolfgang Puck and the restaurant's executive chef István Szántó have followed the tradition of Sunday Brunch when creating the menu, but the quality and presentation of the food, as well as the internationality of the dishes, far exceeds the usual Sunday Brunch offerings. 

Open kitchen and quality instead of quantity

    "The Sunday Brunch genre is always a challenge in a five-star hotel," says Burak Cecen, the hotel's Food & Beverage Director. "On the one hand, we associate it with a sense of elevation, because when you have Sunday Brunch in an elegant place, you definitely have higher expectations, but on the other hand, there is also the fact that the quality of the 'all you can eat' offerings can often be a problem even in a five-star hotel. We can't afford the latter and we can avoid it completely, because Spago Budapest's structure makes it possible. In other places, the full menu is on the tables at noon and is essentially there until the end of brunch. In our restaurant, there is an open kitchen with several live cooking sections. The dedicated Spago Budapest Culinary Team works in the kitchen throughout brunch and keep the live sections stocked with the freshest food."

Iconic dishes for breakfast and lunch

     The Spago Sunday Brunch is not short of breakfast dishes, as for many it is their first real meal on a Sunday. Guests can choose from a wide selection of freshly baked pastries and egg dishes, where eggs benedict is served with ham or the famous home-smoked salmon, and poached eggs are also a notable feature. And for those who come for lunch, there is a very wide international gastronomic offering. "We can start with Japanese cuisine, with a sushi and sashimi offering, something Spago is well-versed in, as we have a special section for the sushi on our a’ la carte menu, created in collaboration with Tetsu Yahagi (Director of Culinary Development – WP Fine Dining Group). We can continue with a more Italian style antipasti section, with great selection of local cheeses, hams and salami, and more specialities. The homemade pasta, pizza and burgers are of course a must at Spago, but the classic French dish, quiche lorraine is also on the counter," says Burak Cecen.

     Apart from the iconic Spago dishes the Black Angus Ribeye Steak, freshly sliced at the carving station, will certainly be the highlight of the main courses. According to chef István Szántó, the Rákóczi cake is one of the most popular desserts, not only for its unique appearance but also for its taste, but those looking for a lighter, fruity dessert or a chocolatey treat will also find their favourite.

    "The restaurant continues to focus on quality rather than quantity, using hand-picked ingredients as always," says the chef, adding, "We also follow Wolfgang Puck’s recipes because the inimitable Spago experience has to be the same for our guests every day, every time."

     The wine selection for the Sunday Brunch was carefully curated by the Michelin award-winning sommelier Imre Rácz. The Spago Sunday Brunch experience is also open to children, including a kids friendly menu selection and entertainment for them

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