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Lupa - An alternative to Lake Balaton or the Adriatic Sea

28 August 2023

If you have at least a week to spend on holiday, you can choose between Lake Balaton and the Croatian Adriatic coast, with many arguments for and against. But summer lasts beyond the holidays, and it's also the time for a cool dip or a sunbath at the weekend or even after work. That's where Lupa comes in.

    A series of analytical articles proclaim the Croatian coast the winner compared to Lake Balaton, while many people swear by the ‘Hungarian sea’, because it's close and we can afford a lángos (a special Hungarian fried bread) that can cost over HUF 2,000 once or twice a summer.

    In the summer heat, people long for the waterfront, for which they can drive 7-800 kilometers, so that for at least a week the Mediterranean atmosphere can forget the continental weekdays. But it also takes at least a week to make it worthwhile to inflate the rubber mattress on the beach of Lake Balaton, which has been a familiar place for years, and to sink into the culinary safety of a hake, lángos and pancake.

    However, it often happens that people just want to go to the beach on a whim, because of the unbearable heat. Both Lake Balaton and the Adriatic coast are out of question but they could do with a beach feeling, maybe a family splash or beach soccer with friends.

    Then comes into mind Lupa Beach, on the outskirts of Budapest, at the gateway to the Danube Bend. Lupa is often referred to as Budapest's beach with white sand, turquoise water and whatnot. It is this ‘whatnot’ that has brought a new quality to the world of Hungarian beach culture for the seventh year running. This ‘whatnot’ is, for example, the unparalleled Mediterranean waterfront atmosphere. A unique range of sports activities, whether on the sand or in the water. It has, for example, one of the coolest wakeboard complexes in Central Europe, and on the sand, there are professional beach sports courts, where serious competitions are often held.

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