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I don't believe in magic potions, but I do believe my skin deserves the best. And so does yours!

07 May 2020

An interview with Anita Tóth


Please, tell us your story: how did you end up founding a cosmetics brand? 

A few years ago, I had a complete lifestyle overhaul and changed my eating habits. Despite maintaining an active lifestyle and a healthy diet, I realized that I also needed to focus on what I was putting onto my body. I tried dozens of skincare products but couldn’t find any that worked for me; it was then that I decided to create my signature product. I sought to use unrefined, organic ingredients which were efficacious but also as environmentally conscious as possible. The packaging was key too; I wanted something unique. The rest you can say is history; the concept behind ANITATOTH was born.

When did your products debut? 

We launched the ANITATOTH website towards the end of 2018. In February 2019, we set up our first pop-up store at the New York Palace, Budapest - something we hope to be doing a lot more of in the future!

Who were the first people you asked to test the lotions? What were their first impressions? And, how has the Hungarian market reacted so far?

The first people who tested the products were my close family and colleagues. The feedback was amazing. They adored and how they enriched their skin. When it comes to skincare, women tend to spend a lot of time pampering their face, and forget to continue with their body. I personally believe that we should be nourishing our bodies from top to toe. Moisturizing all over is essential to give the skin the boost it needs to stay healthy. We launched our brand presenting a Body Lotion in two divine scents – Chocolate and Sweet Lavender. We’re still at an early stage in our journey and we are thrilled to have already built a loyal customer base.  The fact that our products have received such brilliant feedback so far, is very motivating.

Are you planning to introduce new products such as makeup or a broader spectrum of skin care in the near future?

Absolutely! We will be expanding our range and launching facial products soon.

Are you planning to go international?

We are a Hungarian cosmetics brand and couldn’t think of a better place to launch than where there is such an emerging market for health-conscious enthusiasts. Naturally we want to grow, and our next plan is to expand internationally. We can’t wait to share our products with the rest of the world!

How many people work with you (including product development, sales, marketing, even web design) on the brand?

It’s hard to give an exact number as the brand is constantly evolving, and as a result, so is our team. Right now, I would say our team is comprised of 10-15 people.

Products reviews speak highly of the packaging of the lotions – why did you go for this particular design and the colors white and gold?

I wanted to design a distinctive product that looked exclusive and luxurious. This was not only important from a branding perspective, but a means by which we could stand out among our competitors. We also wanted something that would make a stylish addition to any bathroom cabinet! The unique hexagonal design incorporates airless technology to preserve product freshness while minimizing oxidization and external contamination.

How do the products work on super sensitive or extra dry skin? Can they heal contact dermatitis?

Our Body Lotions are extremely nourishing and hydrating. The organic ingredients we use within the formulas are tested in laboratories, though we have not tested our products for contact dermatitis. If someone has this specific skin condition, I recommend asking a dermatologist, or at least trying a test patch only on a small area on the skin first, to see how they react.

Do you have any beauty tricks to share with us (while isolated because of the COVID-19 pandemic)?

I truly believe that nutrition and exercise is extremely important right now. We need to nourish our bodies inside out. Of course, washing hands correctly is essential, as is hydrating the skin afterwards.

As an ambassador for a Hungarian organic skincare product, do you feel any pressure to perform?

I love what I do, and I feel extremely passionate about it. It is important to listen to customer’s feedback and reviews, so that the brand can further grow and flourish.

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