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Nutcracker and champagne – festive brunch on the banks of the Danube

06 December 2019

On the upcoming Advent Sundays InterContinental Budapest welcomes guests with magical experiences. Guests can get a taste of the heart-warming story of Nutcracker, while treating themselves to fine dishes and enjoy pearly champagnes. Click here for a little teaser!


Come December and the hotel puts on its Christmas garment. A traditionally decorated tree adorns the lobby, surrounded by lights and wreaths aplenty which all add up to a feeling of serene celebration. The main theme is the ever-popular Nutcracker. However, the magical ballet is not only represented by the decorations. The brunches of Corso Restaurant are also built around this special theme: guests can get into the Christmas mood enjoying fine champagne while ballet dancers fully dressed for the part enact the endearing story of the Nutcracker to live music.


Beyond any doubt the most exclusive drink is champagne which has the power to turn any moment into a celebration. This strictly protected French sparkling wine has always been a synonym for premium quality and it perfectly fits the renowned standards of InterContinental hotels just as it fits the spirit of Advent and Christmas. In December, many of the hotel chain’s offerings include champagne. It is their important mission to encourage guests to explore the world of sparkling wine. This is why they have added a Champagne package to their list of brunches making it possible to taste a different premium sparkling wine each month with no limits on the consumption. They kindly advise you to also give a try to their latest line of cocktails inspired by Hungarian inventions; for example, „Light Bulb” is a cocktail based on champagne and with its eastern inspired flavours and special presentation it offers a unique experience.


Enjoying delicious bites with unlimited consumption, sparkling wines and breathtaking views is an all year-round option for guests but during the Advent Sundays this becomes a spot that offers space to relax in a festive environment well removed from the hustle and bustle of the Christmas period. What’s more there is a Nutcracker themed children’s corner run by animators another welcome benefit for parents wanting to chill out a bit.

Chef Gergő Gullner has reconstructed the traditional dishes of Hungary and the neighboring countries by adding contemporary touches, highlighting seasonal and local products which all add up to a unique cuisine. Anyone can find something to their tastes in the brunches that boast a wide selection of domestic and international dishes and it’s worth keeping in mind that the offers are updated each week.

Desserts are also adjusted to the festive period, so expect to find lots of Christmas treats. Their dessert chef Nikoletta Vágó has recreated the special tarte selection in miniature portions enabling guests to taste and share a number of various versions. The pecan-chocolate mini tarte is reminiscent of classical Christmas cakes, the strawberry tart’s bright pink colors remind one of the tutus of ballerinas, and there is also a paleo-vegan mango dessert on offer.

So, it is a great idea to get away from the Christmas hustle and bustle for an hour or two and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, the culinary treats and one of the most beautiful vistas Budapest has to offer.

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