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Cider Festival at the weekend in Etyek

24 May 2023

At the Apple Orchard Cider Festival on 27 and 28 May in Etyek you can taste the ciders of Hungarian artisan producers. The location will be special, as the events will take place in the building of the BudaPrés Cider Winery and in the apple orchard in front of it.

"There is a growing interest in ciders. While it is true that most people who are familiar with the genre still associate these drinks with mass-produced products, more and more people are discovering the diverse and exciting world of artisanal ciders. These ciders are made in small batches, from fresh apples and are low in sugar or dry," says Dániel Haberl, head of BudaPrés Cider and host of the festival.  

On the first two days of the Pentecost weekend, in addition to BudaPrés’ ciders, visitors can sample the ciders of the most prominent Hungarian producers, including AGP Cider, Bright Cider, Czider, Mad Dog Cider and Richí'z Cider.    

On Saturday, Szabi the Baker, who was voted one of the top 50 pizza masters in the world in Italy this spring, will be baking pizzas, and the Picnic StreetBar will will man the BBQ and flip the hamburger patties both days. Coffee will be provided by 42 Coffee. On Saturday, Microdosemike will take to the stage, while on Sunday visitors can enjoy the Nagy Barni x Kiss Peti Duo act.   

If you're not satisfied with just sipping cider and eating hamburgers, you can delve deeper into the world of cider, as the organisers have put together several programmes. On both days, at 1pm and 4pm, guests will be taken on a tour of the BudaPrés Cider building, following the apple's journey from harvesting to tasting the finished cider. In addition, a master class will be held on Sunday afternoon, where each of the cellars exhibiting at the festival will give a personal presentation. As well as telling the story of their business, they will also talk in detail about one of their ciders that is particularly important to them.   

"This year's Apple Orchard Cider Fest will be special for us, not only because it continues the series we started last year, but also because we are opening our tasting room, the Cider Bar, for the first time. This is perhaps the final step in the construction of our cellar, as from now on cider fans will be able to taste their favourite drink made in optimal conditions on our premises," says Dániel Haberl, explaining why they have been so excited all spring while preparing for this event.

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