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Matild Café & Cabaret launches spring with a renewed gastronomic concept

18 April 2023

A new á la carte menu and an unparalleled Sunday Brunch on Sundays await guests at the capital's most prestigious café. The menu at Matild Café & Cabaret is defined by Executive Chef Attila Fehér, under the culinary direction of star chef Wolfgang Puck and his team.

 The use of the highest technology and the finest ingredients is a basic principle, and the end result evokes a bit of Hollywood and a bit of the opulence of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Budapest's number one luxury hotel, Matild Palace, has kicked off the spring with a real gastronomic explosion. Not only did they debut a new à la carte menu at their Michelin-recommended restaurant, Spago by Wolfgang Puck, but also at the Matild Café & Cabaret, which has become the capital's most exciting and glamorous nightlife venue since last October, when it brought back the fantastic, dazzling world of revueshows.

The menu itself, however, was not the biggest challenge in the development of the gastronomic concept of Matild Café & Cabaret, which is exceptional in food, service and style. "We had to take into account that the café not only operates as a café, but also hosts a number of prestigious events, Cabaret Shows and Sunday Brunches. Coordinating these is perhaps the biggest challenge for us," says Attila Fehér, Executive Chef.

A new addition to the café's menu is one of the most iconic signature dishes of Spago Budapest by Wolfgang Puck, which operates for dinner service only, but as of now the crowd favourite dish, the Chinois chicken salad with sliced napa cabbage, cashew nuts, crispy wontons and a chinois dressing is available during the day as well, at the Café. You can also find the iconic Spago Schnitzel here with a little twist. Wolfgang Puck and Attila Fehér's shared passion for local, farmers' markets is evident in the offerings: the menu, rich in fresh spring salads, is as much about traditional goulash soup and spicy roasted cauliflower as it is about black angus sirloin burgers and spaghetti with Beverly Hills homemade meatballs.

"For the new menu, it was very important to have simple, seasonal and easy to understand dishes, we tried to avoid heavy courses and replace them with lighter ones. In line with Wolfgang Puck's philosophy, it is very important for us to use as many local ingredients produced and available in Hungary as possible. Over the past two years we have worked with a number of Hungarian small-scale producers from whom we order meat, vegetables and dairy products. We work with several suppliers who produce their products specifically to our requirements. I feel that there are a lot of artisanal products and ingredients in Hungary that could be worthy of inclusion in a five-star hotel." - The new menu concept is summarised by Executive Chef Attila Fehér, who considers spring to be one of the most exciting seasons for ingredients, with asparagus, radish and strawberries being his favourites. "There is a lot of potential in the way we use spring vegetables and fruits. From eating them raw to fermenting them."

Executive pastry chef Tristan Tuaud continues to be responsible for the café's dessert menu, under whose direction delicacies like the Chocolate Tonka Pear Tart and the Buda – Breast have been added to the menu, complementing the most popular cakes as the Rákóczi and the house specialty Matild cake, tempting guests with a hazelnut sponge cake base, cream liqueur, almond marzipan and milk chocolate glaze.

Tristan Tuaud is also in charge of the bakery and pastry selection at Matild Café & Cabaret's Sunday Brunch, which debuted on 2 April, where excellent croissants and homemade pain au chocolat are the basics. The Sunday Brunch, which takes place every Sunday from 12:00 to 15:00, offers a real classic brunch for guests who want to take advantage of the tranquillity of the weekend, offering a wide selection of internatonal dishes and traditional favourites.
"I think a good Sunday Brunch is all about indulging in the abundance of flavors and choices. In my opinion, the magic of brunch here is the quality of the place itself, the exceptional atmosphere, the live music, the food and the desserts, which make Matild Palace stand out from the rest. I can't think of a better place for family, friends or an intimate Sunday lunch." - says Executive Chef Attila Fehér. In addition to typical traditional delicacies prepared by Wolfgang Puck’s local team , the family-friendly event, which also features international brunch classics, has a special focus on children, with playful activities, a kids' menu and a special dessert and waffle corner.

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