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Iconic McDonald's reopens in the Hungarian Capital

22 October 2023

Hungary's first McDonald's has reopened in Régiposta street in downtown Budapest, renewed in almost all its elements, the financial portal reported, citing a company statement.

    The renovation of the iconic McDonald's restaurant has used a number of unique solutions for the restaurant chain, including elements made of real, natural building materials. The interior walls of the restaurant are decorated with exposed concrete, the floor and walls of the McCafé area are covered with natural wood panels, while the rest of the restaurant's dining area is covered with terrazzo tiles, worked and polished on site. The tables are made of granite in addition to real wood, as is the side wall of the service counter.

    The opening of the Régiposta street unit in 1988 was more than just a restaurant opening, with many looking forward to the event as a harbinger of changes to come. Accordingly, the restaurant welcomed weeks of long lines and record sales, the company says.

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