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SHARE NOW Cars Can Now Be Rented for Up to a Month

22 October 2021

SHARE NOW is the first company in Hungary to make its long-term carsharing service available. SHARE NOW's business customers are increasingly using day packages during the week: three quarters of business rentals for at least one day are now made on weekdays.

In September, the volume of daily carsharing package rentals fell by nearly 20% compared to the summer period, mainly due to the popularity of one- and two-day weekend plans. However, the increase in the number of per-minute rentals and the growing popularity of hourly packages meant that overall, SHARE NOW customers drove more in September than in any of the summer months, according to the company’s press release.

"70% of hourly package rentals occur on weekdays, which shows that this usage is becoming more and more typical for everyday life situations in addition to leisure activities," Bence Buday, Managing Director of SHARE NOW said. He revealed that the first month of autumn brought a 6% increase in the number of rentals for a few hours. "The most popular is the two-hour package, which is enough to take care of several things to do without the risk of the bill being too high by a possible traffic jam," he added.

While private customers still tend to look for longer, per diem packages on weekends, the situation is very different for business users, with 75% of business day package rentals now taking place on weekdays. In response to the ever-growing demand for longer packages from private and corporate customers, SHARE NOW is the first in Hungary to introduce long-term carsharing: its petrol cars can be rented for up to 30 days in day packages from January 1. There is no need to pay a separate deposit: the packages with a fixed number of kilometers include the cost of petrol, the national motorway toll and a casco insurance excess capped at HUF 100,000. The user just needs to get in, drive and lock the car in the SHARE NOW zone. In the case of a multi-day rental, the car can be ordered in advance from the service's app.

Ccars can also be taken on private trips, even for 1-2 week holidays, which now include a new brand's versatile urban leisure car, the Peugeot 3008. With its 520 liters of luggage space, it is perfect for big shopping trips or group outings, Bence Buday adds.

Their versatility, spacious interior and comfort make them particularly popular for luggage hire. With these, there are now 390 cars to choose from in Budapest for SHARE NOW users.

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