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A Goose landed at Gellért

26 October 2017

An adult goose landed on the square in front of the Gellért Hotel, then leisurely waltzed into one of the most beautiful hotels in Budapest. Good timing because in two weeks, the biggest St. Martin's Wine Festival begins.

Even a video was made of this event, where it can clearly be seen from the perspective of the goose, a bird's eye of Budapest and as the bird approaches the illuminated Gellért Hotel, where it lands and heads toward the rotunda of the entrance. The goose also knows that the St. Martin’ Day Wine Festival will take place at the Gellért Hotel November 9-12, where Tamás Széll and Szabina Szulló will conjure up a 7-course menu, where Gerbeaud-Gundel-Gellért's 3 golden  chefs will prepare a wine dinner and where László Héjja, the head chef of Gellért will lure guests with a worldwide gastro tour. There will of course be plenty of handmade craft beers and wines 130 wines from the best wineries. The only question remains is what program our "winged hotel guest" has purchased a ticket for at the reception desk.

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